Custom Undershirts

As scientific procedures became more refined, LOMIR identified a need for a range of Undershirts for laboratory animals. Undershirts are an effective means of securing electrodes, connectors, Fentanyl patches or any piece that needs to be kept in contact with the skin. Customers have found LOMIR Undershirts to be an effective alternative to bandaging and wrapping animals, either on their own or before placing an outer jacket.

Undershirts are made from smooth spandex fabric to provide a tight fitting garment which reduces rubbing and chafing. Models close and adjust with either Velcro fasteners or plastic zippers. As with all LOMIR products our Undershirts are available for all large animals with a complete range of sizes, customers have the choice of color coding to distinguish sizes or treatment groups. LOMIR is known for it’s capabilities in custom design and manufacturing and this applies to the undergarments. To explore the possibilities please contact us to discuss your requirements.

LOMIR, in collaboration with manufacturers of certain external telemetry systems have developed Custom Undershirts as well as outer jackets unique to respective systems. As the technology and equipment for telemetry evolves so rapidly we suggest you check Telemetry section to learn about the latest jacket and undershirt combinations.