Data Sciences International (DSI) JET TELEMETRY SYSTEMS

The canine ensemble consists of a two-piece under garment and mesh outer jacket with JET red canvas pocket. The body and shorts attach with snap fasteners, a series of which allow for some adjustment in length. The suit closes with a spandex panel and uses plastic zippers. At several points around the body are belt type loops that accommodate the respiratory belts either inside or outside the jacket depending on end user preference. The ECG leads pass through appropriate color-coded openings on the shirt.

All leads pass through an opening on the underside of the custom pocket of the outer mesh jacket. The complete two-piece garments are available in a number of colors, one for each size. There is the option of securing the under garment to the outer garment; this will more than likely be used when the end-user utilizes the ¾ length mesh jacket.

The outer mesh jacket is based on a standard LOMIR jacket. The customer has the choice between both the full body jacket with rear leg straps and the shorter ¾ length jacket. The telemetry transmitter is located in the custom red canvas pocket which is located on the back of the jacket.