EMKA Telemetry Systems

The EMKA canine ensemble consists of a lycra/spandex undershirt and mesh outer jacket with custom pocket and other features.

The EMKA undershirt is a tight fitting spandex garment that closes and adjusts by means of Velcro fasteners. A series of external belt loops allow for the best positioning of the two respiratory belts. The ECG leads are held in place by the undershirt. All leads pass through the outer jacket and to the pocket and the transmitter.

The EMKA canine jacket is a ¾ length jacket with a number of custom features. A wide padded panel is located under the pocket, all trim on the jacket is blue fabric allowing the end user to further benefit when using video activity analysis. The transmitter is located in a custom pocket on the back of the jacket. To reduce the possibility of the undershirt riding up during wear the undershirt is attached to the outer mesh jacket with Kikit® snap fasteners.