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We are driven by an absolute commitment to animal welfare and continued research.

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Look through our range of equipment, designed and manufactured in-house:


Lomir’s integrated infusion systems provide maximum procedural flexibility and precision.
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Thanks to innovative Lomir design, we can work with all animal species, customize jackets and provide fast delivery.
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Animal Handling

Handling equipment designed for flexibility, accurate touch control, and safety during long periods of wear.
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Our enrichment products comply with laboratory norms and are safe, hygienic, and easy to sanitize or disposable.
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Animal Restraints

Safely and comfortably immobilize subjects with Lomir's variety of animal restraint products, manufactured in-house.
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Equipment that meets your unique requirements

To ensure quick delivery, we carry an extensive range of products and patterns. For specific procedural needs and laboratory norms, Lomir can also manufacture entirely customized items. Here's what you can expect from the world's #1 animal jacket manufacturer:

Innovative materials
From "smart" fabrics, to non-chafing neoprene and sweat-wicking sport fabrics.
Durable items
Many are built to withstand washing, sterilization and manipulation by subjects
Consistent quality
Thanks to 30 years of experience in design, product engineering, pattern-making, and sewing
Compatible components
Products that are designed to work together, ensuring consistent data collection
User-friendly designs
Our goal is to reduce handling time and simplify the work of technicians
Evolving product range
We are driven by an absolute commitment to animal welfare and continued research
Custom jacket features
Your options are near-limitless, including special colors, video trackers, fasteners, etc.
Expert advice
A specialized team, ready to process your unique requests and support your research objectives
Exclusive products
With certain manufacturers, we create exclusive products that work hand in hand with their equipment.

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Recognized as a design innovator and manufacturer of high quality, durable and easy-to-use equipment for biomedical research applications, Lomir is the supplier of choice for private contract organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, research institutes, teaching hospitals and government institutions.

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