Design, Integrity and reliability

An absolute commitment to animal welfare and continued research
drives Lomir Biomedical to create the very best products.

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Our mission is everything

What makes us special

Recognised as a design innovator and manufacturer of high quality, durable and easy-to-use equipment for biomedical research applications, LOMIR is the supplier of choice for private contract organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, research institutes, teaching hospitals and government institutions.

More About Us

Lomir is a leader in the design and manufacturing
of biomedical equipments for all type of animals

Our specialities

Lomir Biomedical is one of the world’s leading brands in the design and manufacture of animal jackets for all laboratory animal species, infusion systems, collars, restraints, animal-handling and enrichment products. Lomir Biomedical also works with manufacturers in creating exclusive products designed to work hand in hand with their equipment.

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