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Jackets for Laboratory Farm Animals

The term “Farm animals” commonly refers to sheep, goats, calves, swine and more. As the manufacturer, Lomir can design and produce jackets that are matched to specific protocols, thus allowing customers to order garments that meet their unique needs.

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Farm animals are used in biomedical research to develop bio-models and study various human and animal health conditions. Research areas can include :

  • Developmental biology
  • Orthopedic research
  • New medical devices including ventricular assist devices
  • Transplant and xenotransplant research
  • Dermal and topical treatments
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • New treatments for chronic health conditions such as wound healing

Many of these animal models utlize jackets to secure equipment and to protect surgery and application sites, while taking into account the subject's well-being and allowing species specific behaviours. To best meet the complexity and detail of this type of research, Lomir custom manufactures jackets for these bio-models. This approach enables customers to receive jackets that include very specialized accessories, matched to their specific protocol requirements. Plus, as the manufacturer we have all of the materials, patterns and designs on hand, in order to honor agreed time-frames.

The Lomir Technical Support and Customer Service staff are on hand to discuss your requirements and present solutions. You can benefit from our 30 years of expertise in the design and construction of these jackets. Contact us today.

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