Custom Jackets

Custom Jackets To Meet Your Needs

Years of design and manufacturing experience have earned LOMIR an international reputation for our laboratory animal jackets. As such, LOMIR is the number one choice for Custom Made Jackets. Whether it’s a simple special size pocket or a completely unique design we will work with you to develop the best jacket for both your animals and your scientific objectives.

Telemetry jackets

LOMIR manufactures jackets and undershirts for various external telemetry systems, as these continue to evolve so do the jackets and undershirts.


Custom Jackets are manufactured for every animal species used in today’s laboratories including; rodents, canines, non-human primates, swine ruminants, rabbits, cats and many more. You can order by weight, body measurements and study requirements. Call us to verify the information we need to start your jackets.


LOMIR provides you with an endless choice of accessories such as; pockets to hold all manner of delicate equipment, anchoring points for tethering, attachments for restraint systems, clips for collars or other attachments, Velcro, snaps and other fasteners. Jackets and accessories become even more specialized when we incorporate an innovative fabric into the design.

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