Primate Enrichment

Primate Enrichment Technologies – P.E.T.®

In research involving animals, the well being of the subjects is paramount. Every aspect of housing, handling and care that constitutes the animal’s physical environment is important. Primates in the wild spend much of their lives foraging for food. Not so in a laboratory or research facility. Due to advances in animal nutrition, captive primates now receive a completely balanced diet in a very small volume of foodstuff. The downside of this practice is that it saps the primate’s natural instinct to forage. With too much idle time that would otherwise be spent searching for food, the captive primates may develop excessive behaviours.

To correct this problem, and to create a more natural environment for the primate, LOMIR introduces Primate Enrichment Technologies – P.E.T.®.

These devices enable primates to feed themselves in a way that closely mimics foraging, parceling out the food in hollows where the primate must seek it out and extract it on its own initiative.

Lomir produces a range of P.E.T.® devices, each one catering to the physical and psychological abilities of a specific genus of primate. Made of opaque polypropylene, a durable material that is chemical and heat-resistant, virtually moisture resistant, and crack proof, P.E.T.® devices are engineered for ease of use. Assembly is a snap, replenishing with food is quick and cleaning to eliminate bacteria can be accomplished with minimal effort.

Made of highly durable polypropylene with stainless steel fasteners and mounts for long life and trouble-free performance.

Easily washed and sanitized at temperatures up to 180° to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria.

Designed for simple attachment to the outside of a primate enclosure.

Quick assembly and food replenishing.

The Primate Choo®

An innovative enrichment device for non-human primates. 1 ½” diameter by 5″ long device manufactured from food safe nylon. Material used is FDA and USDA approved and being inert may be sanitized in a cage wash, autoclave or disinfectant solution.

The Primate Choo® is designed as a dual purpose forage feeder and chew toy. Six channels are located in the device at different depths and angles, these may be filled with a soft food product making it more interesting and challenging to access the food. Food stuffs not included.

The knurled outer diameter gives a good grip and hand feel. Knurling also gives teeth some purchase when being used as a chew device.

Independent certificate of analysis to support GLP compliance.