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General :

Yes, you can buy swivels, infusion sets or combinations of products pre-sterilized and packaged to suit your requirements. Single or multi-package; Lomir’s flexible approach will provide whichever is most convenient for your procedures.
Recommended method for sterilization uses ETO or Anaprolene. Other techniques include wet immersion methods, autoclaving may be used for certain products, it is not recommended to irradiate or autoclave Lomir swivels as these methods may disrupt the thermoplastic components.

Rodent Equipment:

All infusion sets are shipped with instruction sheets. You can also download and print the Rodent Infusion Instruction Sheet from the Downloads section of our website.
Check that the jacket is the correct size; adjusted tight enough and use the hooks on the back of the jacket to lace it up securely. For a correct fit, the jacket needs to be tight enough that you can just get the sharp end of a pencil under the jacket.
Make sure that you have the correct size jacket for your weight range.

♦    RJ 00 Rat jacket up to 150g X-Small
♦    RJ 01 Rat jacket 150-250g Small
♦    RJ 02 Rat jacket up to 250-350g Medium
♦    RJ 03 Rat jacket up to 350-500g Large
♦    RJ 04 Rat jacket up to +500g X-Large
Yes indeed, using various jacket inserts you can protect dermal application sites, use pouches to secure equipment and catheters. Check with customer service to discuss your requirements in detail.
Yes Lomir manufactures rodent jackets in many fabrics and styles. Options include soft spandex with greater elasticity to reduce potential for chafing, custom length rodent jackets, including full body, rodent jackets for hind-limb suspension and similar applications. Check our Lomir’s Rodent Jackets.

Large Animal Equipment :

Yes you do. We feel that it is important to have the correct pocket to contain what is usually an expensive piece of equipment. Simply tell us which device you are using or the dimensions.
Our default location is on the left dorsal, however we can locate the anchor point in the position that best suits your procedures, whether it be on the right, midline or even in two places.
This generally means that you have both ends of the infusion system turning. There are two things to check.

1. Make sure that the connection at the tether to the jacket is fixed such that it will not turn. In large animals the tether end plate (AT E1) is best riveted into the anchor point on the jacket.
2. Make sure that the swivel itself is turning smoothly and that the tether is not jammed up against it. In large animals, when connecting the swivel and tether make sure to locate the set screws of the tether into the groove on the turning part of the swivel.

All large animal infusion equipment is shipped with instruction sheets. You can also download and print the Large Animal Infusion Instruction Sheet from the Downloads section of our website.

Lomir provides servicing on all types of swivels. We disinfect, strip down and replace worn or broken components. The swivels then go through the same QC checks as new swivels.
You can download and print the Animal Infusion System Instructions from the Downloads section of our website.
To clean the jackets, start by soaking for one hour in a quaternary ammonium disinfectant, this removes heavy soiling, any odor as well as disinfecting. Then proceed to wash using industrial detergent or laundry soap. Similar results can be achieved by placing jackets in cage washer.

For best results, close any Velcro fasteners, this protects the Velcro from pulling or attaching to other fabrics and jackets. Make sure that Spandex inserts or jackets incorporating Spandex in their design are not washed in hot water. Avoid using bleach as this may damage the brass zippers and spandex.

You can also download and print the Jacket Care Instruction Sheet from theDownloads section of our website.
The white mesh fabric allows you to see from a distance if you have any problems with a surgical site. The fabric is very resilient and using the recommended procedure the jackets remain white for a long time.
For applications which are non-invasive or non-surgical, jackets may be made in dark colors. We do still recommend that infusion and surgical jackets be made in white.
Yes absolutely, we generally have several colors in stock and can match specific colors. We can’t always get the exact match but we do get pretty close. Give us a call so that our representatives can check on availability or to request your color.
Yes, we manufacture a large number of custom jackets for various clients around the world. The custom aspect may be as simple as just making the jacket shorter or longer, or as complex as a completely custom made jacket, specifically designed in collaboration with the customer. In fact, we do manufacture a number of custom jackets for multi-national pharmaceutical companies who have adopted the design as a global standard for their infusion equipment.
When creating any custom jacket we provide you with a unique product number for each size and design specifications, we also use a custom label reflecting that number, making re-ordering straight forward.
Yes, Lomir manufactures both jackets and infusion systems for all species of animals that may be used in biomedical research. These animals include New World primates, ferrets, opossum, goats, sheep and calves.

For more information, please contact us or visit our online store and search by animal.

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