Animal Jacket Customization

101 ways to custom-design your Lomir jacket or restraint

As the manufacturer, we can modify and redesign jackets to match your specific requirements and resulting in:
  • Reduced animal-to-human contact time
  • Reduced stress and associated biases
  • Improved comfort
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Faster and easier acclimation
  • Reduced training complexity and variability between technicians
  • Reduced the cost of labor associated with technicians
Our jackets evolve to meet the modern needs of biomedical researchers. Our team can respond quickly to integrate new and innovative design features


  • Additional Velcro straps, clips, snaps, buttons, and zippers in any required location
  • D-rings and heavy duty clips
  • External zipper covers
  • Velcro flaps overlying jacket and pocket zippers
  • Additional attachment points for suspension
  • Additional attachments for restraint systems
Advantages - Securing zippers in place & additional security for group housing


Different Jacket Colors

  • To distinguish sizes or treatment groups
  • To match company colors
  • Color-coded stitching on the inserts of dermal jackets
Advantages - Preventing errors in dosing and administration, improving overview of entire study group, video tracking of different animals in group housing.



  • Extensive range of pouch sizes and designs
  • Matched to specific pieces of equipment
  • Selection of fabrics for pocket
Advantages - Adapting to specificities of equipment, enabling best practices at the animal interface.


Pearl Markers

  • For video tracking
Advantages - More sensitive detection of abnormalities, through precise location of the pearls. Monitoring general gait or specific body sections.


Special Adjustments

  • Dermal applications
  • Tether anchoring points (location, size, type)
  • Pouches & electronic connectors
  • Access points and opening sizes
Advantages - Creating a more precise and consistent method of administration/detection


Custom Sizes

  • For specific animal species
Advantages - Ensuring best fit, comfort and security for the animal. Increasing acceptance and biocompatibility


Specially Located Holes

  • For lead wires, catheters and more


Stretch Sleeves or Cuffs

  • For dog and swine jackets
Advantages - Reducing rubbing; can prevent leads and tubing from being pulled out from under jacket


Additional Layers

  • Internal zipper protection
  • Internal padding at key location
Advantages - Preventing chewing/damage of important equipment and chaffing on skin. Providing additional security for group housing.


Integration of Innovative Fabrics

Advantages - Reducing rubbing; can prevent leads and tubing from being pulled out from under jacket

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