Ambulatory Infusion

Founded in 1989, Lomir Biomedical Inc. is one of the world’s leading brands in the design and manufacture of animal jackets for all laboratory animal species, infusion systems, collars, restraints, animal-handling and enrichment products.

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Does this pump go with this jacket?

Dog and nonhuman primate ambulatory infusion require three key components:

  • A laboratory animal jacket
  • A small battery driven infusion pump
  • A vascular access catheter or port

An ambulatory infusion system that allows freedom of movement for animals

The foundation of the system is the animal jacket. Such jackets have been used in infusion models for decades. They may be purchased as off-the-shelf products or precisely fitted by species, weight, and special application requirements. One such customization involves fitting the pump, its fluid bag, and fluid lines within the jacket. In certain applications, these components fit within a single jacket pouch. In other applications, two pouches may be required.

To complete the system, the ambulatory infusion model requires a catheter:

  • For shorter term infusions (i.e., a few days), a temporary catheter may be used.
  • For longer-term infusions (i.e., 30 days or more), a long-term tunneled catheter or implanted access port is the norm.

Any of these catheter options require a tube to connect to the pump. Most tubing utilizes luer connectors, while the port utilizes a luer connector on the pump end and a non-coring (Huber) needle on the port end.

A Fully Integrated Ambulatory Infusion System

Lomir and Orchesta Infusion work to integrate the jacket, pumps, drug bag, tubing, and catheter or port into an efficient, well-fitting system for laboratory animal toxicology and safety pharmacology infusion. This turnkey system provides an apparatus that may be less stressful to the animal subject and result in fewer complications, thus reducing animal-to-human contact. Further, it simplifies the purchasing of the system and allows for easier operation by the end user.

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