Telemetry Systems

Jacket ensembles for external telemetry systems

External Telemetry Systems are non-invasive requiring no surgery and enable investigators to monitor, collect and analyze a number of physiological parameters. These include, ECG, respiration, body temperature and activity, these systems are being used in toxicology, safety pharmacology and physiology.

As you know, LOMIR manufactures custom jackets and undershirts for 3 of the 4 manufacturers of External Telemetry Systems. In each case jackets and undershirts are available for dogs, primates and swine.

The undershirt needs to be quite tight fitting to hold the leads and respiratory bands in place. All of the leads pass through an opening in the underside of the pocket on the jacket and connects to the transmitter which sits in the custom pocket. The mesh outer jacket provides protection of the transmitter and prevents interference with leads and belts. The data generated is sent via remote technology (Bluetooth or similar) and analyzed by specific computer programs.

For more information about LOMIR’s jacketed solutions for both DSI and EMKA Telemetry Systems follow the links below.