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Lomir provides a complete, integrated protection system for animal handlers and their subjects. Our KEVLAR® Arm Protectors for large animal handling are fabricated for flexibility, comfort and safety during long periods of wear.

  • 100% fine-knit Kevlar®
  • Sewn-in reinforcement.
  • For wear either on their own or beneath a pair of animal handling gloves.
  • Customization is available.
  • Sizes: 14” & 18”

Sizing Options

SKU Size Material Application Product
HG 07K 14” Kevlar® Large Animal Protector sleeve, pair
HG 08K 16”
HG 01S Small Cowhide Large Animal Heavy-duty glove, 14" cuff
HG 01M Medium
HG 01L Large
HG 01X X-Large
HG 02S Small Cowhide & Kevlar® Large Animal Heavy-duty glove, 14" cuff
HG 02M Medium
HG 02L Large
HG 02X X-Large
HG 022X XX-Large
HG 023X XXX-Large
HG 02MPP Medium Cowhide & Kevlar® Large Animal Heavy-duty glove, 17" cuff
HG 02LPP Large
HG 02XPP X-Large
HG 022XPP XX-Large
HG 03S Small Cowhide Large Animal Add-on shield
HG 03M Medium
HG 03L Large
HG 03X X-Large
HG 03XX XX-Large
HG 03SPP Small Cowhide Large Animal Add-on shield/Doubler
HG 03MPP Medium
HG 03LPP Large
HG 03XPP X-Large
HG 03XXPP XX-Large
HG 011KS Small Goat skin &  Kevlar® Small Primate Handling glove
HG 011KM Medium
HG 011KL Large
HG 011KX X-Large
HG 013G6 X-Small T/FLEX® PLUS Small Animal Handling glove
HG 013G7 Small
HG 013G8 Medium
HG 013G9 Large
HG 013G10 X-Large

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