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The Lomir Advantage

Welcome to Lomir’s exclusive page for conference attendees. Here, you will find new product videos, our 2021 price list, and more.
From rodents to macaques, infusion to telemetry, we work with you to develop the best possible product.

Jackets and Undershirts

When it comes to jackets and undershirts, Lomir provides limitless possibilities and guaranteed quality. Here are some highlights of our most popular products:

NEW - Smart Undershirts

This innovative design provides integrated electrodes and wiring, allowing researchers to carry out ambulatory studies, limiting invasive procedures.


Lomir restrainers are designed with all animals and procedures in mind. They range from collars of all sizes, to portable slings and our patented Snuggle family. Whether you are working with mice, canines, swine or nonhuman primates, we can provide safe and humane immobilization equipment.

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