Primate Capture Net

Suitable for both new and old world primates

LOMIR‘s Primate Capture Nets are designed to restrain animals while protecting both the subject and the handler. They are suitable for both new and old world primates. The net and pole are available in multiple combinations to match the size, weight and strength of the subject. Replacement nets are also available. As with all LOMIR‘s products, custom specifications are also undertaken.

The net is a robust, fray-resistant polyester mesh fabric, double sewn and lock stitched for strength and durability. A reinforced channel is sewn in to accommodate a thick braided cord. This can be tightened once the subject has been netted for additional constraint and safety.

Capture Nets are suitable for both new and old world primates.

Two energy absorbing grips are ergonomically positioned on the handle for security and comfort.

Corners of the stainless steel hoop are rounded for additional safety.