Cyno/Mulatta Foraging Unit - 60 Cavity, 9/16" Openings at 35° angles (2031)Foraging Unit for New World & Cyno/Mulatta - 3 Post, 360°, Multiple Openings for Increased Difficulty (2040)
  • Cyno/Mulatta Foraging Unit - 60 Cavity, 9/16" Openings at 35° angles (2031)
  • Foraging Unit for New World & Cyno/Mulatta - 3 Post, 360°, Multiple Openings for Increased Difficulty (2040)

P.E.T.® Primate Foraging Unit


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Easy to use, durable and designed to meet the unique needs of various primate species, the Lomir P.E.T.® products prevent the development of excessive behaviors and create a more natural environment non-human primates. Competitive prices are offered for large quantities of P.E.T products. Please contact us to find out more.


In research involving animals, the well being of the subjects is paramount. Every aspect of housing, handling and care that constitutes the animal’s physical environment is important. Primates in the wild spend much of their lives foraging for food; not so in a laboratory or research facility. To prevent the development of excessive behaviours and to create a more natural environment for the primate, Lomir has developed Primate Enrichment Technologies – P.E.T.®.

These devices enable primates to feed themselves in a way that closely mimics foraging, parceling out the food in hollows where the primate must seek it out and extract it on its own initiative.

  • Species Specific : each product in the P.E.T.® line caters to the physical and psychological abilities of a specific genus of primate.
  • Quality Material: made of highly durable polypropylene that is chemical and heat-resistant, as well as moisture resistant and crack-proof, with stainless steel fasteners and mounts for long life and trouble-free performance.
  • Quick to use: assembly and food replenishing are made simple
  • Easy to clean: washing and sanitized done at temperatures of up to 180° will eliminate potentially harmful bacteria.
  • Competitive prices: for large purchases
  • Pairs with enclosures: designed for simple attachment to the outside of a primate enclosure.
  • To prevent excessive behaviors in non-human primates, by encouraging foraging

Sizing Options

P.E.T.® Products

SKU Dimensions Suitable For Design Features
2031 6” x 8” Cyno/Mulatta 60 cavity unit with 9/16” at 35° angles
2040 14” x 6” Cyno/Mulatta & New World primates 3-post 360° with multiple openings provides increased difficulty


For special requirements, we provide custom design. Please contact us for more information.

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