Primate Hammock - Triangular (TPH30)Primate Hammock, 36"x36" or 46"x46"Primate Hammock 15"x33"
  • Primate Hammock - Triangular (TPH30)
  • Primate Hammock, 36"x36" or 46"x46"
  • Primate Hammock 15"x33"

Primate Hammock


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Lomir offers a wide range of primate enrichment products, including sturdy hammocks. Available in multiple shapes and sizes, hammocks promote normal behavior for all non-human primate species.


Lomir offers a wide range of primate enrichment products, including various hammocks for non-human primates. The hammock mimics natural environments, enhancing animal well-being.

  • Sturdy material: 100% woven vinyl-coated polyester, treated with Microban®. Extremely durable.
  • Various shapes and sizes, according to species/housing: square, rectangle, triangle - ask us which one is right for you.
  • Reinforced edges: with nylon webbing.
  • Grommets: allow hammock to be hung with a rope.
  • Environmental enrichment for non-human primates - Hammocks mimic hanging from a tree and enhance animal well-being

Sizing Options

SKU Dimensions (") Shape Material
CH 3636 36 x 36 Square
Vinyl-coated polyester, treated with Microban
CH 4848 48 x 48 Square
PH 1533 15 x 33 Rectangle
TPH30 30 x 30 x 30 Triangle

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