emka Telemetry Systems

Designed in close collaboration with emka Technologies, our emka telemetry jackets help to ensure animal comfort, protect equipment and produce consistent, quality results.


The emka ensemble consists of a lycra/spandex undershirt and mesh outer jacket with custom pocket and other features.

Undershirts are tight fitting spandex garments that close and adjust by means of sturdy Velcro fasteners. A series of external belt loops allow for optimal positioning of the two respiratory belts. ECG leads are held in place by the undershirt. All leads pass through the outer jacket, towards the pocket and transmitter.

emka jackets include a wide padded panel, located under the pocket and all trim on the jacket is blue fabric that facilitates video activity analysis. The transmitter is located in a custom pocket on the back of the jacket. To reduce the possibility of the undershirt riding up during wear, it is attached to the outer mesh jacket with Kikit® snap fasteners.

emka Telemetry Systems
emka Telemetry Systems
emka Telemetry Systems

For special requirements, Lomir works in close collaboration with clients, to design and manufacture custom jackets.

Lomir Large Animal Jacket Customizations - Download the PDF

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