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Rat Jacket, Neoprene 3 mm (RJ 01NP3)Rat Jacket Neoprene, 1 mm or 3 mm thick (RJ 01NP1 / RJ 01NP3)Rat Jacket, Neoprene 3mm thick (RED)Rat jacket, Neoprene 1mm thick (RJ 01NP1)Rat Jacket, Neoprene 3 mm (RJ 01NP3)Rat Jacket, Neoprene 1 mm thick (RJ 01NP1)3 Rat Jackets: Standard Mesh, Blue Spandex, Neoprene
  • Rat Jacket, Neoprene 3 mm (RJ 01NP3)
  • Rat Jacket Neoprene, 1 mm or 3 mm thick (RJ 01NP1 / RJ 01NP3)
  • Rat Jacket, Neoprene 3mm thick (RED)
  • Rat jacket, Neoprene 1mm thick (RJ 01NP1)
  • Rat Jacket, Neoprene 3 mm (RJ 01NP3)
  • Rat Jacket, Neoprene 1 mm thick (RJ 01NP1)
  • 3 Rat Jackets: Standard Mesh, Blue Spandex, Neoprene
Customization available

Neoprene Rat Jackets


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Lomir rat jackets incorporate modern materials and fabrication methods, as well as special features, which combine to increase comfort for the subject and as ease of use for the handler. We manufacture innovative stock and custom jackets that fulfill all demands placed on today’s investigators.

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Lomir is the number one choice for the most comprehensive range of laboratory animal jackets. Innovative design is our hallmark and, down to the smallest detail, our mouse jackets fulfill all demands placed on today’s investigators.

  • Comfort: soft neoprene, with no stitching, prevents chafing and ensures animal comfort
    • This is especially useful for nude rats and mice
  • Durability: quality design for long-term use
  • Various applications:
    • Pairing with infusion systems
    • Pairing with dermal applications (see our dermal inserts)
    • Protecting surgical sites
    • Protecting equipment
    • Suitable for hind limb suspension (micro gravity, spinal cord injury)
    • Animal transportation
  • Consistency: the body portion of the jackets is traced with a computerized embroidery machine, providing consistent sizing since 1989.
  • Customization: all jackets are entirely customizable

Depending on your procedure and budget, other jackets may be more applicable, such as our one-size Butterfly Mouse Harnesses and standard Mesh & Spandex Rat Jackets. Please contact us to find out more!

Sizing Options

Rodent Jackets

SKU Size Weight range Material Animal
MHBF00 One size - Soft, back to back velcro Mouse
RJ 00 X-Small 100-150g
RJ 01 Small 150-250g
RJ 02 Medium 250-350g
RJ 03 Large 350-500g
RJ 04 X-Large 500g+
RJ 00H X-Small 100-150g
Blue Spandex
RJ 01H Small 150-250g
RJ 02H Medium 250-350g
RJ 03H Large 350-500g
RJ 04H X-Large 500g+
RJ 00NP1 X-Small 100-150g
Neoprene (1mm)
RJ 01NP1 Small 150-250g
RJ 02NP1 Medium 250-350g
RJ 03NP1 Large 350-500g
RJ 04NP1 X-Large 500g+
RJ 00NP3 X-Small 100-150g
Neoprene (3mm)
RJ 01NP3 Small 150-250g
RJ 02NP3 Medium 250-350g
RJ 03NP3 Large 350-500g
RJ 04NP3 X-Large 500g+
MJ 01 Small up to 25g
MJ 02 Medium 25-30g
MJ 03 Large 30g+


Our stock jackets may not meet your unique requirements. Lomir’s design group works in close collaboration with investigators to develop custom jackets. Contact us to learn more.

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