Yorkshire Swine Jacket, Juvenile (SS J3YJ)Yorkshire Swine Jacket, Large (SS J3YA)
  • Yorkshire Swine Jacket, Juvenile (SS J3YJ)
  • Yorkshire Swine Jacket, Large (SS J3YA)
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Given the many different types of swine, the range of applications and their complexity, selecting the correct jacket for your research is an important consideration. Here, you can benefit from Lomir's experience and expertise.

In our 30 years of business we have created and manufactured jackets and patterns for all types of swine, across various weight ranges. This depth of knowledge is enhanced by our collaboration with breeders of research swine, who have assisted us in establishing a database of physical measurements and growth charts.

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Today, the majority of swine jackets are manufactured to individual order, where this flexible approach enables researchers to receive jackets matched to their needs. We do encourage customers to reach out to Lomir customer service to discuss your requirements and build up your jacket design.This process will also all you to verify all specifications.

As the manufacturer we maintain an extensive inventory of raw materials and finished jackets or accessories, such as pockets for equipment. This allows us to provide prompt and reliable lead-times.

These include: Pouches for ambulatory infusion, Anchoring patches for tethering systems, Pearl Markers for video tracking, Different colored jackets for tracking, Inserts for dermal procedures, Choosing between a full body jacket with rear leg straps OR a ¾ length model finishing just below the diaphragm, etc.

Jackets are manufactured from a double layer of polyester mesh fabric, with neck and arm openings bound in cotton jersey for comfort. A double stitched strip of elasticized material connects the layers, providing flexibility and durability. The back closes with a zipper.

These include: Infusion setup with tether, Ambulatory infusion setup with pocket, Video tracking, Protecting important equipment and surgical locations, and more.

As with all laboratory animals, acclimation to the environment, personnel, procedures and equipment is required and considered essential for animal welfare and quality science. A defined procedure for acclimation to equipment, such as jackets should be established to ensure success with this intelligent and social species.


Given the wide range of swine used in biomedical research and the extent of research with swine bio-models, Lomir manufactures the majority of swine jackets to specific order. This approach enables researchers to receive jackets matched to their protocols. Our basic swine jacket is adapted to infusion, which requires it to be shorter in length. Therefore, if you are using swine jackets for a dermal study or a telemetry study, please make sure to provide us with the length of the jacket that you desire.

The design process for swine jackets takes into consideration differences in body shape and morphology between different strains, adding features like little sleeves on the front limbs to reduce chafing. For fast growing animals, spandex panels allow for body weight gain. Taking advantage of the made-to-order nature of these jackets, unique measurements and features can be incorporated in the final design.

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To help you understand how Lomir Jackets and Undershirts are constructed and which features will benefit your research, we’ve created these short videos:

For a more in-depth view, see our 10-minute jacket and undershirt demo, shown at the 2020 AALAS Demo Day.

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