Rabbit Pants


The Lomir Rabbit Pant was developed to allow continued social housing of the rabbit following surgical
procedures. Though shy and timid, rabbits are an intelligent species and benefit from some form of social or
conspecific housing. Appropriately designed and enriched housing environments allow for species-specific behaviours.

Rabbit Pants are a cost-effective alternative to E-Collars that promote species typical behaviors such as caprophagy, self- grooming, and social housing. They are comfortable, provide an adjustable fit, and are cage wash safe. Rabbit pants protect incision sites and promote wound healing, while allowing rabbits to remain socially housed in the process.

Though the pants are durable and reusable, they are made from comfortable, breathable cotton material that allows for easy mobility. Snap fasteners are also installed along the length of each leg, to allow for easy fitting onto the animal.

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