Flat Top Restraint Frame - 2 Spots (LS FF2)Dog Sling Frame, 2-Place Flat Top (DF F2)Dog Sling Cover, 2-Place (DC F2)Dog Sling Cover for Flat Top Frame, 4 Places (DC F4)
  • Flat Top Restraint Frame - 2 Spots (LS FF2)
  • Dog Sling Frame, 2-Place Flat Top (DF F2)
  • Dog Sling Cover, 2-Place (DC F2)
  • Dog Sling Cover for Flat Top Frame, 4 Places (DC F4)
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Frames & Covers for Muliple Animals


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These innovative and sturdy flat-top frames and covers allow handlers to process up to four animals at a time.

Certain short-term procedures require animals to be restrained. A stable, immobile and comfortable subject is a key component of any investigation or procedure involving large animals. The innovative Mobile Restraint Unit embodies the most efficient incorporation of all the necessary features. Combined with quality materials and Lomir's attention to detail and workmanship, this device is unique in providing humane immobilization for the animal and efficient, safe, working platforms for the handler.

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  • Available in a range of sizes.
  • Constructed from precision welded 1″ square tube stainless steel stock for lightness and strength
  • Self-locking, quick release cleats for limb ropes
  • Locator pins on all corners to adjust sling support bars
  • Corner posts on heavy-duty castors with ball-bearing pivots
  • Robust, washable, coated canvas
  • All leg and waste apertures are edged in cotton jersey for additional comfort
  • Nylon webbing sewn in at key points throughout, for additional strength

The complete unit may be cleaned in a cage wash.

Limb restraints may also be purchased from Lomir, for use with all types of frames.


Special Requirements? While our inventory of frames and slings will answer the needs of most customers, Lomir is fully equipped to fulfill orders requiring the fabrication of custom-made units for special situations or tasks.

We have been making slings and jackets since 1989 and, as a result, have built up an extensive database of measurements and patterns for the majority of animals that may be used in a laboratory environment.

If you have a frame that is not sold by Lomir, we can also manufacture a custom cover to match your existing unit.

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To help you understand how Lomir Slings and Frames are constructed and which features will benefit your research, see our short video:

Or download our 14-page PDF about the features of Lomir Slings and Frames.

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