Dog Jacket, Full Length with DSI JET Pocket & Blood Pressure Pouch (DJ 02JETBP)Dog Jacket, ¾ Length, Custom - With DSI JET Pocket & Blood Pressure Pouch (DJ 04QJETBP)Dog Jacket with custom pocket for emkaPACK (DJ 03PM)Jacket Pockets (JP 01-06)
  • Dog Jacket, Full Length with DSI JET Pocket & Blood Pressure Pouch (DJ 02JETBP)
  • Dog Jacket, ¾ Length, Custom - With DSI JET Pocket & Blood Pressure Pouch (DJ 04QJETBP)
  • Dog Jacket with custom pocket for emkaPACK (DJ 03PM)
  • Jacket Pockets (JP 01-06)
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Dog Jacket with Pocket for Telemetry


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The Lomir dog jackets for DSI and emka telemetry systems are designed with animal comfort in mind, allowing investigators to monitor and collect physiological data, without the need for surgery and invasive methods. All jackets are entirely customizable, to meet your procedural requirements.

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Lomir manufactures custom jackets and undershirts for emka and DSI telemetry, as well as ambulatory infusion systems. Here’s how the dog jackets work:

For telemetry: A tight-fitting undershirt holds the leads and respiratory bands. All of the leads pass through an opening in the underside of the pocket on the jacket and connect to the transmitter, which sits in the custom pocket. The mesh outer jacket protects the transmitter and prevents interference with leads and belts. Data is then sent via remote technology (Bluetooth or similar) and analyzed by specific computer programs.

For ambulatory infusion: The pump, fluid bag, fluid lines, catheter and all other components are fitted within the jacket and pouch system, for a comfortable and sturdy infusion set up.

  • Non-invasive method, requiring no surgery
  • Remote monitoring, collection and analysis of ECG, respiration, body temperature, activity and more.
  • DSI and emka compatible
  • A proven solution in toxicology, safety pharmacology and physiology
  • Monitoring, collection and analysis of
    • ECG
    • Respiration
    • Body temperature
    • Activity
    • More
  • Ambulatory infusion systems
  • Commonly used in toxicology, safety pharmacology and physiology studies
  • Protection of important equipment and surgical locations

Custom design is available to meet your specific investigation needs. Contact us to find out more.

Sizing Options

Dog Jackets for Telemetry Systems

SKU Size Weight (kg) Jacket Model
DJ 01JET X-Small 2.5-5 Full body, with DSI JET pocket
DJ 02JET Small 5-7
DJ 03JET Medium 8-12
DJ 04JET Large 13-18
DJ 05JET X-Large 18-25
DJ 01QJET X-Small 2.5-5 ¾ length, with DSI JET pocket
DJ 02QJET Small 5-7
DJ 03QJET Medium 8-12
DJ 04QJET Large 13-18
DJ 05QJET X-Large 18-25
DJ 01QJETBP X-Small 2.5-5 ¾ length, with DSI JET pocket and blood pressure pouch
DJ 02QJETBP Small 5-7
DJ 03QJETBP Medium 8-12
DJ 04QJETBP Large 13-18
DJ 05QJETBP X-Large 18-25
DJ 02PM Small 5-7 Full body, with emkaPACK pocket
DJ 03PM Medium 8-12
DJ 04PM Large 13-18
DJ 05PM X-Large 18-25


Our stock jackets may not meet your unique requirements. Lomir’s design group works in close collaboration with investigators to develop custom jackets. Contact us to learn more.


To help you understand how Lomir Jackets and Undershirts are constructed and which features will benefit your research, we’ve created these short videos:

For a more in-depth view, see our 10-minute jacket and undershirt demo, shown at the 2020 AALAS Demo Day.

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