Example - Large Animal Tether Stitched to Jacket (FIX)Large Animal Tether End Plate (AT E1)
  • Example - Large Animal Tether Stitched to Jacket (FIX)
  • Large Animal Tether End Plate (AT E1)

Service: Large Animal Tether Attachment


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For clients purchasing a large animal jacket and tether infusion system, Lomir can fix the tether plate to the jacket for you, with sturdy rivets. Correct attachment of the metal disk to the jacket is critical; if done too loosely, it can cause the infusion line to block.


To help you understand how Lomir Jackets and Undershirts are constructed and which features will benefit your research, we’ve created these short videos:

For a more in-depth view, see our 10-minute jacket and undershirt demo, shown at the 2020 AALAS Demo Day.

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