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  • Rabbit Undershirt (BU 02)
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Rabbit Undershirt


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Lomir undershirts are an effective means of securing electrodes, connectors, Fentanyl patches or any other piece that needs to be kept in contact with the skin. They can be paired with infusion and telemetry systems, as well as dermal applications. Easy to use, smooth and tight-fitting, undershirts facilitate both handling and animal comfort.

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As scientific procedures became more refined, Lomir identified a need for a range of undershirts for laboratory animals. Undershirts are an effective means of securing electrodes, connectors, Fentanyl patches, ambulatory infusion equipment, or any piece that needs to be kept in contact with the skin. They also provide an excellent alternative to bandaging and wrapping animals, either on their own or before placing an outer jacket.

  • Tight-fitting: smooth spandex fabric provides a tight fit, which reduces rubbing and chafing.
  • Easy to use: Models close and adjust with either Velcro fasteners or plastic zippers.
  • Color coding: customers have the choice of color coding to distinguish sizes or treatment groups.
  • Range of species and sizes: whatever your sizing needs, we can provide the right undershirt
  • Custom design: Lomir is known for its capabilities in custom design and manufacturing. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • For long-term wear of jackets or measuring instruments, the undershirt reduces rubbing and chafing.
  • Protects surgical sites, equipment, and dermal applications
  • Keeps equipment in contact with the skin (electrodes, fentanyl patches, etc).
  • Can be paired with a jacket and pocket, for telemetry systems and ambulatory infusion systems
  • Can be used as an alternative to bandaging and wrapping animals

Sizing Options

Rabbit Undershirts

SKU Size Weight Range Features
BU 01JET X-Small up to 2.7kg For DSI JET telemetry systems
BU 02JET Small 2.7-3.6kg
BU 03JET Medium 3.6-4.5kg
BU 04JET Large 4.5-5.4kg
BU 05JET X-Large 5.4-kg+


Our stock undershirts may not meet your unique requirements. Lomir’s design group works in close collaboration with investigators to develop custom products. Contact us to learn more.

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