Rodent swivel, high-impact plastic, 2 fluid channels, 22 gaugeRodent swivel High-impact plastic, 22 gaugeRat in Tether SystemRodent Swivel, High-Impact Plastic, 2-Channel (RS PF2)Rodent Swivel, High-Impact Plastic, 2-Channel (RS P1)
  • Rodent swivel, high-impact plastic, 2 fluid channels, 22 gauge
  • Rodent swivel High-impact plastic, 22 gauge
  • Rat in Tether System
  • Rodent Swivel, High-Impact Plastic, 2-Channel (RS PF2)
  • Rodent Swivel, High-Impact Plastic, 2-Channel (RS P1)

Rodent Swivel


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Lomir swivels are manufactured in high impact thermoplastic, with precision stainless steel hypodermic tubing and Teflon seals. Single or double fluid channels are available in a range of needle sizes. Rodent and small animal infusion sets may be purchased complete or as individual components and are available pre-sterilized.


Lomir’s completely integrated rodent and small animal infusion systems provide maximum procedural flexibility and precision. Our rodent swivels are designed to meet your research needs.

Rodent and Small Animal Infusion Sets may be purchased complete or as individual components. All rodent infusion products are shipped with complete instructions for set-up, use and care. Pre-sterilization is available.

  • Channels: choose between single and double channels
  • Materials: high-impact thermoplastic with stainless steel hypodermic tubing
  • Leak protection: teflon seals
  • Needle size: 20 - 27 gauge
  • Reuse: with proper care and sterilization, swivels are resusable
  • Plastic meets FDA requirements
  • Part of a set: Lomir swivels can be used as a part of a rodent infusion system that includes a jacket, tether, swivel, swivel-tether connector and swivel retainer. We can provide all of these components.
  • Pre-sterilization available
  • Custom sizes can be manufactured, upon request.
  • For long term infusion, this permits freedom of movement for subjects
  • For Rats and Mice. Contact us if you have other requirements.
  • Part of a system that protects the catheter
  • Part of an assembly that may be removed from the cage, allowing the conduct of in-life investigations.

Sizing Options

Rodent Swivels

SKU Material Animal Gauge Channels Other Features
RS P1 High-Impact Plastic 22 1
RS P2 High-Impact Plastic 20 1
RS P3 High-Impact Plastic 21 1
RS P4 High-Impact Plastic 23 1
RS P5 High-Impact Plastic 26 1
RS P6 High-Impact Plastic 27 1
RS P1C High-Impact Plastic 22 1 Fixed Collar for Balance Arm System
RS P1CL High-Impact Plastic 22 1 Fixed Collar for Balance Arm System with Luer Ends
RS PF1 High-Impact Plastic 20 2
RS PF2 High-Impact Plastic 22 2
RS PF3 High-Impact Plastic 23 2
RS PF4 High-Impact Plastic 21 2
MS P1 High-Impact Plastic Mouse 22 1
MS P4 High-Impact Plastic Mouse 23 1
MS P5 High-Impact Plastic Mouse 26 1
MS P6 High-Impact Plastic Mouse 27 1

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