Guinea Pig Jacket Large (GP J3)Guinea Pig Jacket Large (GP J3)Ferret Jacket (FF J3)Hamster Jacket (HJ 01)
  • Guinea Pig Jacket Large (GP J3)
  • Guinea Pig Jacket Large (GP J3)
  • Ferret Jacket (FF J3)
  • Hamster Jacket (HJ 01)
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Small Animal Jacket


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Lomir small animal jackets incorporate many materials, special features and fabrication methods, which combine to increase comfort for the subject, as well as ease of use for the handler. We manufacture innovative stock and custom jackets that fulfill all demands placed on today’s investigators.

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Lomir is the number one choice for the most comprehensive range of laboratory animal jackets. Innovative design is our hallmark and, down to the smallest detail, our animal jackets fulfill all demands placed on today’s investigators. Lomir small animal jackets provide many advantages for today’s researchers.

  • Comfort and fit: double layer Lycra/Spandex fabric ensures a tight fit and eliminates chafing
  • Durability: double-stitching ensures jacket longevity
  • Various applications:
    • Pairing with infusion systems
    • Pairing with dermal applications (see our dermal inserts)
    • Protecting surgical sites
    • Protecting equipment
    • Suitable for hind limb suspension (micro gravity, spinal cord injury)
    • Animal transportation
  • Consistency: the body portion of the jackets is sewn on a computerized embroidery machine, providing consistent sizing since 1989.
  • Customization: all jackets are entirely customizable
  • Infusion setup with tether
  • Ambulatory infusion setup with pocket
  • Video tracking
  • Protecting important equipment and surgical locations
  • More

Sizing Options

Basic Small Animal Jackets

SKU Size Weight Range Animal
HJ 01 Small Up to 100g Hamster
HJ 02 Medium 100-175g
HJ 03 Large 175g+
GP J1 Small up to 350g Guinea Pig
GP J2 Medium 350-600g
GP J3 Large 600g+
FF J1 Small up to 750g Ferret
FF J2 Medium 750-1000g
FF J3 Large 1000g+


Our stock jackets may not meet your unique requirements. Lomir’s design group works in close collaboration with investigators to develop custom jackets. Contact us to learn more.

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