Dog Elizabethan Collar (DC E1)Rat Elizabethan Collar (RC E1)Rabbit Elizabethan Collar (BC E1)Guinea pig Elizabethan collar (GP E1)Mouse Elizabethan Collar (MC E1)Guinea Pig Elizabethan Collar (GP E1)Rat & Mouse Elizabethan Collar (RC E1 & MC E1)Dog Elizabethan collar (DC E2)Rabbit Elizabethan collar (BC E1)Rat Elizabethan collars (RC E*)
  • Dog Elizabethan Collar (DC E1)
  • Rat Elizabethan Collar (RC E1)
  • Rabbit Elizabethan Collar (BC E1)
  • Guinea pig Elizabethan collar (GP E1)
  • Mouse Elizabethan Collar (MC E1)
  • Guinea Pig Elizabethan Collar (GP E1)
  • Rat & Mouse Elizabethan Collar (RC E1 & MC E1)
  • Dog Elizabethan collar (DC E2)
  • Rabbit Elizabethan collar (BC E1)
  • Rat Elizabethan collars (RC E*)
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Elizabethan Collars


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Lomir Elizabethan collars prevent animals from self grooming, and protect surgical or treatment sites. They are lightweight and provide an adjustable and secure fit for individual animals. Neck openings are bound with cotton jersey for comfort.

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Lomir Elizabethan collars are manufactured from high-quality materials and can be paired with jackets, undershirt, and more.

For special requirements, please contact us to discuss custom design options.

  • Lightweight material: low density polyethylene and closes
  • Highly adjustable design: ample Velcro fasteners provide an adjustable and secure fit for individual animals.
  • Comfort: neck openings are bound with cotton jersey for comfort.
  • Prevents animals from self grooming, and protects surgical or treatment sites.
  • Preventing self grooming
  • Protecting surgical and treatment sites
  • Highly adjustable design, for a wide range of animals

Sizing Options

Elizabethan Collars

SKU Animal Size Weight Range
MC E1 Mouse - -
RC E1 Rat - up to 450 g
RC E2 - 450+ g
GP E1 Guinea Pig Small up to 350 g
GP E2 Medium 350-600 g
GP E3 Large 600+ g
BC E0 Rabbit X-Small 2.7 kg
BC E1 Small 2.7-3.6 kg
BC E2 Medium 3.6-4.5 kg
BC E3 Large 4.5-5.4 kg
DC E1 Dog Small 5-7 kg
DC E2 Medium 8-12 kg
DC E3 Large 13-18 kg
AC E1 Bird Small Coming soon
AC E2 Medium
CC E1 Feline Small Coming soon
CC E2 Medium
CC E3 Large


Lomir can customize restraints to meet your research needs. Contact us for more information.

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