Rodent Infusion Systems

Small Animal & Rodent Infusion Equipment

Lomir’s integrated small animal & rodent infusion systems provide maximum procedural flexibility and precision. Infusion sets include swivels, tethers, tail cuffs, connectors, retainers and jackets, which may be purchased complete or as individual components. Pre-sterilization is available.

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Lomir's rodent infusion sets include:

  • Swivels: High impact thermoplastic, precision stainless steel hypodermic tubing, and Teflon seals. Single or double fluid channels in a range of needle sizes.
  • Tail Cuffs: Constructed of stainless steel with self-threading tether attachment point. Used as an alternative to the Rodent Jacket.
  • Connectors: These provide a secure attachment between Swivels and Tethers ensuring an ease of movement through 360°
  • Jackets: Made of double layers of Lycra/Spandex fabric with Velcro fasteners for adjustment and secure fit. Available in 5 standard sizes, (X-small,
    Small, Medium, Large and X-large), orderby weight range of your animals.
  • Tethers: Manufactured from a strong but light stainless steel spring, in three standard lengths: 12” (30cm), 18” (46cm) and 24” (61cm) for single or multiple channel use. The standard anchor is a molded button with a sewn Velcro tab for adjustable fit when using the jackets.
  • Retainers: Stainless steel and high-impact plastic construction. Available in two designs selected by the type of cage in use.
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